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Who we are


Quem somos - Casa das Formigas

The Ant’s House is an associative institution of christian, evangelical, humanitarian, of non-profit nature that aims at the strategical planning and execution of partnerships and support, as well as the execution of projects and services,  free of any charge to The Ant’s House located in Maputo - Mozambique.

Its purposes are:

* represent The Ant’s House in Mozambique;
* be a financial supporter and offer administrative support to the board of the institution;
organize voluntary and supportive partners of philanthropic activities, mobilizing people towards the engagement  through prayers, participation and financial contributions;
* carry out the disclosure services of the work that has been developed so far,
* promote events, group trips, workshops and related services, aiming at the disclosure of the work and survey of maintainers and partnerships;
* Ensure that the objectives of The Ant’s House of Mozambique are achieved.

Board of Directors The Ant’s House Brazil

Pedro Leal Junior - Director
Rodolfo Garcia Montosa - Coordinator
Joás dos Santos Silva Junior - Coordinator
Lilian de Oliveira Santos Barros - Secretary
Marcelo Leal – Treasurer

Who we support – The Ant’s House in Mozambique

The Ant’s House in Mozambique serves an average of 300 children and teenagers per day and also 40 children who have lost their family bond and live in the orphanage of the Ant’s House. These children are followed in their school and spiritual life, receive food and participate in workshops, such as: sewing, embroidery, crochet, computer science, shoe store and tapestry. As many children are orphans or are at social risk, the role of The Ant’s House is to guide them professionally, socially and spiritually so that they can have a better future ahead ot them.

The Ant’s House  Board of Directors in Mozambique

Alfredo Gavene Banzima - President
Simeone Mate - Vice President
Carlota Micas Boane - Administration Secretary
Graciete Maria B. Mate - Responsible for the adoption and jewelry workshop
Horácio Paulo Chaúque - Human and financial resources
Fernado Simões - Responsible for the food supplies  and stock