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Fundadores - Casa das Formigas

Founders of The Ant’s House Brazil

Primeira Igreja Presbiteriana de LondrinaOn February 16, 2017 The Ant’s House Brazil was born, an institution created by the First Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina. When the English explorers from the North Parana Land Company arrived in the region in the early 1930s, the first evangelical families follow them. Today, the First Independent Presbyterian Church is a Church in cells, missionary and with an emphasis on teaching the Word of God.

Founders of Casa das Formigas in Mozambique
Delci Esteves dos Santos e as crianças da Casa das Formigas Delci Esteves dos Santos, a Brazilian missionary of the Antioquia Mission and the 1st Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina (PR), graduated in Executive Secretariat at the Álvares Penteado College. She worked in  large coorporations and multinationals until she understood that God wanted her to serve Him in a missionary work full time. So she decided to leave her 25 years old job to become a missionary.  Delci then became a volunteer for the Antioquia Mission participating in the entire process of structuring the Blessing Valley in London, England, for four years, establishing a mission base in that country.  Delci also lived for three months in Israel and 27 years in Mozambique, where she founded The Ant’s House. She died on January 18, 2017 in Londrina (PR).

Fundadores - Casa das FormigasMozambican President Alfredo Gavene Banzima is married to Mafalda Banzima. He is the father of six children, the grandfather of eight grandchildren and a great-granddaughter as well. He was born in Bilene Macia, Gaza province, about 150 km from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. He is an accountant by profession and was a public servant for 19 years at the National Film Institute, before surrendering to the call to serve the Lord. In the early 1990s, he met Delci at the Shalom Church in Mozambique, where Sister Delci taught a Bible course for pastors and Mozambican leaders. Brother Alfredo Banzima was one of the five finalists in the class that had started with 64 students; many gave up over the course of four years. Delci told the group about the desire to help children, and to her amazement, she found out that  Brother Alfredo supported 16 children in his own house, a three-bedroom apartment.. He gave shelter to family members fleeing the civil war in the countryside. Thus God confirmed in her heart the dream of creating a project to help the children in Mozambique. Alfredo participated with the missionary Delci in the creation and idealization of The Ant’s House As a native, he played a fundamental role in guiding and advising her throughout the process, being responsible for finding the plot of land and establishing the project headquarters and the entire bureaucratic part, which concerns the issuance of documents for the registration and official recognition of the project before the Mozambican government. In 1995, Alfredo received Delci to live with his family in his own house, where initially the missionary leased a room; later he moved to the neighborhood of Maxaquene, on the outskirts of the city of Maputo, leaving the entire apartment for the missionary Delci to live with the children of The Ant’s House. It was in this apartment that she lived most of her time on the mission field in Mozambique. In 1997, Brother Alfredo received a scholarship to study Theology with a focus on Missions at the School of Mission in White River, South Africa. In the years 2000 and beyond, he took a Bachelor of Theology course at the Biblical School of the Assembly of God in Maputo, and the Master in Theology at the Evangelical Mission Center in Viçosa, Minas Gerais (CEM), Brazil.