Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How did it all begin ?

    The Ant’s House  in Mozambique started in a time of war in which the children were the greatest victims. In addition to the poverty and precarious quality of education, which are some of the consequences of the war, children still suffer from diseases such as cholera, malaria, malnutrition and AIDS, as well as orphanhood, since the country's life expectancy is 55 years. It is in this context that the missionary Delci Esteves dos Santos and Alfredo Banzima understood that God was commissioning them to create the Ant’s House in Mozambique. After the death of the missionary, the First Presbyterian Church of Londrina created The Ant’s House Brazil to provide administratiion and financial support to The Ant’s House in Mozambique.

  2. How can I help ?

    You can help in many of ways: by making a donation, becoming a sponsor of a child, being an intercessor or a volunteer, participating in one of our trips to visit the children in Maputo, Mozambique, or even publicizing the work. Find out more Information by clicking here

  3. Does the Ant’s House belong to any church or denomination?

    The Ant’s House in Mozambique is an interdenominational institution. The Ant’s House in Brazil was founded by the First Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina (1st IPI) and is administered by it, receiving help from people of the most diverse Christian denominations. Find out more information by clicking here .

  4. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

    The cost for each child in the Ant’s House is approximately U$ 60 per month, an amount that involves their food and the maintenance of the support infrastructure that they receive. Expansion projects and improvements required by the institution are not included in this amount. Remember that you can support The Ant’s House by contributing with any amount above U$ 6 through donation or sponsorship.

  5. What forms of payment are accepted for donations and sponsorship?

    You can make your donation by means of credit card, bank slip or current account deposit. Donate HERE and sponsor HERE.

  6. Does The Ant’s House have partnerships with churches and companies?

    Yes. Partnership is a relationship between two groups that exists for a common purpose. Groups start a partnerships because they can achieve more together and effectively accomplish a purpose. Some companies and churches would like to allocate part of their income to the social work and development of children, adolescents, and youth, but do not have the logistics or knowledge to do so. The partnership happens when resources, equipment, connections, prayers, volunteers and experience are joined to a serious organization like The Ant’s House. Click HERE for further information.

  7. Does the child, teenager, or young person need to be a Christian to receive help?

    The care at The Ant’s House is independent of the creed and religion of the child and his or her family. Click HERE for further information.

  8. I would like to receive information about the work, what should I do?

    To keep yourself informed, sign up by  clicking on the Information tab on our homepage and follow the news. You can also follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram or our YouTube channel.