Vocational Workshops

Vocational Workshops

  • Computing Classes

    Computing Classes

    The purpose of the workshop is to teach computer basics, so we offer Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet software packages. For the community in general, we offer text-typing, ...
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  • Visual arts

    Visual arts

    The Department of Plastic Arts aims to teach basic principles of drawing and painting. The idea is to arise the taste for arts, creativity and the imagination of the children. I...
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  • Crochet


    The crochet department attends girls from different ages and aims to teach this type of art. The girls learn to use the needles, the threads and follow the models proposed in the...
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  • Embroidery


    The embroidery is one of the workshops of the Department of Arts that serves girls as well and aims to arouse and encourage their creativity and imagination. It is an activity t...
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  • Bijou   


    The main objective of the bijou department is to teach children to make necklaces, bracelets and mascots using costume jewelry, as well as to awaken girls' creativity. They get e...
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  • Paper recycle

    Paper recycle

    The purpose of the paper recycling department is to teach children how to make handcrafts based on used paper, within the principles of art, they learn to recycle, that is, to ta...
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  • Tailor’s shop

    Tailor’s shop

    Tailoring plays a very important role at the Ant’s House. The main reason is because the school uniforms of all of our children are made there. We aim to make the children's un...
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  • Shoe store

    Shoe store

    The goal of the shoe department is to make flip-flops, sandals, shoe repairs in general and promote professional training in the area. The department's monitor is Alfiado Espera...
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