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Esportes - Casa das Formigas

We started the soccer training with the boys at the orphanage in the second half of 2017.  Fernando Simões, a former student at The Ant’s House is the coach and person responsible for the soccer training.

Futebol com os meninos da Casa Lar Fernando is also a member of the current board of diretor of The Ant’s House in Mozambique, taking care of food supplies. Football is a sport tha he seems to enjoy and choose to help the younger kids to practise.

We also have several equipment donated by the Brazilian group that visited The Ant’s House in Mozambique in April 2017, in addition to uniforms donated by Pastor Jorge Pratas, ohter equiopments were also donated by this group and included activities such as volleyball, ping-pong, as well as ludic activities suck as rest one and dominoes.