Orphanage - Casa das Formigas



Meninas e meninos da Casa Lar

The Orphanage is the home for the a limited number of resident children. Our goal is to welcome children and teenagers in situations of vulnerability, some of them having no ties to their families. This group of resident students receives full assistance. We have two dorms for girls and two for boys. The girls have the company of two elderly ladies who help them. Their role is to keep the resident girls company and to function as some type of  grandmother to them. Both take turns during the week.

At the boys dorms,  due to a  greater number, we have a couple that attempts to substitute their parents. They are responsible for the boys and attend school meetings, take them to the doctor when necessary, ultimately, they take care of the boys promoting a family atmosphere.

Who lives at the orphanage?

They are boys and girls who have no parents, even though some still have relatives.  Once a month, some of the kids spend a weekend with their relatives.  The objective is to avoid loosing the family bond. All residents of the orphanage have regulated registration with the social work organization. At the age of 18, the boys and girls living at the  orphanage are dismissed and somehow reinstated to their families or relatives